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Lannice Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. Our business is dealing with engineering designs for improving and developing systems for several kinds of industry factories; specifically, designing and inventing machines or tools properly for each business. This includes cutting cost, improving productivity, decreasing false, using machine for substitute of labour work, etc. We design a specific mechanism system, analyze and inspect structures. Moreover, we also produce industrial parts, we have gathered a group of industrial parts manufacturers from Bangkok and around other areas in Thailand concerning parts machining, precise machining, and sheet metal works. We have several kinds of machines to fulfill several needs for our customers in all kinds of industries.


In 2003, Lannice Co.,Ltd. has joined the program called ITAP (Industrial Technology Assistance Program) in National Science and Technology Development Agency which is under Ministry of Science and Technology. Our services are dealing with machines design. We bring technology to develop manufacturing in several kinds of industries, mainly inventing automation machines for substituting labor work and improving productivity.


Since we have ran our business, we have developed a strong intention to develop engineering design works along with technology, which keep updating all the time. With our experience and skills, we have created a number of works and fulfilled all kinds of customers needs.